Event Planning

Imagine your wedding, anniversary, birthday, seminar, corporate event with any worries minimized and handled by us.  We'll help manage the details so you can relax and enjoy time with family, friends, coworkers or collegues.  We will manage the set up of your decor, theme and every detail from start to end of your event, all the while supporting the plans and vision you have for your event.  We're fabulous at running the logistics of the day, but more than that, we truly care about the impressions you'll be making and the quality of the experience for everyone involved.  Yours will be the event everyone talks about afterwards.  Planning is personal and we're the right people to  expedite your expectations.  Get all of the expertise you need with us.  Combining experience, tailored support and the creativity of our planners who help you get everything you want out of your event.  North Island Catering is the planner you need.